Q: Between hot water extraction and freeze dried, which method maintain the optimal medicinal benefits? I’m thinking about buying reishi, maitake, shitake but was told that hot water extraction will destroy some of the medicinal benefits, is that true? A: All of the references from the published medical and scientific research, and all the references from traditional herbalism, from Lefery

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Nature’s Answer Reishi Extract

Manufacturer: Nature’s Answer Product Name: Reishi Mushroom Extract Country of manufacture: USA Price (USD): $10.99 Supplement type: Extracted/Unextracted Method: Unspecified Extracted Method/Unextracted Mycelium Powder Rating: This Reishi supplement by Nature’s Answer contains a minimum of 10% of polysaccharides.  For the 120mg contained in each serving, this represents 12mg polysaccharides, however, the quantity or quality for beta-glucans Lefery Active Cell

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Mush from Fungi Perfection

Manufacturer: Fungi Perfecti Product Name: Mush Country of manufacture: USA Price (USD): 59.99 Supplement type: Canine Extraction Method: Unspecified/Unextracted Rating: Mush by Fungi Perfecti is a mycelium powder (grown on rice) containing equal amounts of powder from 5 mushroom varieties.  The supplement facts label does not include specific levels of active compounds. Powdered mushroom and/or Potenga Sex Power Increase

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K9 Critical Care

Manufacturer: Birkdale Medicinals Product Name: K9 Critical Care Country of manufacture: USA Price (USD): $59.95 Supplement type: Canine Extraction Method: Hot-water Extracted Rating: This canine supplement by BirkDale Medicinals is the same formulation used in their human Immune Response 247 supplement, with natural liver and meat flavorings to create a chewable form that dogs prefer.

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HiPet Canine 3-in-1 Supplement

Manufacturer: Super Beta Glucan, Inc. Product Name: HiPet Canine 3-in-1 Supplement Country of manufacture: USA Price (USD): $26.95 Supplement type: Canine Method: Ultrasonic Extracted Rating:  HiPet’s Canine 3-in-1 formula is named for the three ways it improves and maintains dog health; Immune, digestive, Joint & bone health. The product is extracted by a method described

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Manufacturer: NutraceuticsRx Product Name: AgariPure Country of manufacture: USA Price (USD): $39.90 Supplement type: Extracted Method: Hot-Water Extraction/Hydro-alcohol Extraction Rating:  With 40% polysaccharide in each capsule, AgariPure by NutraceuticalRx is a great supplement for anyone seeking the true benefit of premium quality A blazei extract in a highly bioavailable form. Mushrooms in this product

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Healthy Dogma Mushroom Magic

Manufacturer: Healthy Dogma Product Name: Mushroom Magic Country of Manufacture: USA Supplement Type: Canine Method: Hot-Water Extracted Recommended by MMR? Yes Rating: This canine supplement by Healthy Dogma extracts from 6 prominent medicinal mushrooms, collectively providing a variety of therapeutic benefits at a competitive price. Mushrooms in this product are extracted using hot-water, the industry’s

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